Payment Rate
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Other income support thresholds and limits20/03/201601/07/2016 
Seniors Health Card Income Limit Annual 
Single rate, including illness separated and respite care$52,273.00$52,273.00$0.00
Partnered (each)$41,818.00$41,818.00$0.00
Minimum rent for maximum Rent Assistance (RA)   
Single, no children$289.87$289.87$0.00
Partnered, no children$351.93$351.93$0.00
Primary production attribution threshold Limit 
Primary production attribution threshold (assets)$1,158,750.00$1,178,500.00$19,750.00
Primary production attribution threshold (annual income)$51,027.00$51,903.00$876.00
Exempt funeral investment threshold Limit 
Exempt funeral investment threshold$12,250.00$12,500.00$250.00
Special disability trust asset limit Limit 
Asset value limit$636,750.00$647,500.00$10,750.00
Discretationary spending limit$11,250.00$11,500.00$250.00
Child income limits Limit 
Child 15 or younger (per week)$203.25$203.25$0.00
Child 16 or older (per annum)$11,140.30$11,140.30$0.00
Maintenance income free area Annual 
Amount per person (1 child)$1,543.95$1,565.85$21.90
Amount per additional child$514.65$521.95$7.30
Aged care   
For residents entering care before 1 July 2014 Fortnightly 
Minimum permissable asset value$46,500.00$46,500.00$0.00
Partially supported resident$120,069.60$120,069.60$0.00
Concessional resident$46,500.00$46,500.00$0.00
Assisted resident$74,500.00$74,500.00$0.00
Standard resident contribution-Threshold amount$7,300.80$7,300.80$0.00
For residents entering care on or after 1 July 2014 Annual 
Minimum Accommodation Payment Asset Value$46,500.00$46,500.00$0.00
Maximum Accommodation Payment Asset Value$159,423.20$159,423.20$0.00