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SRCA and Defence Act payments 1 January 2016

 Old rateNew RateDifference
SRCA and Defence Act payments20/09/201501/01/2016 
SRCA Table 1 Lump Sums 
Indexation of normal weekly earnings (wage price index)2.60%2.60%N/A
Maximum death lump sum - 17(3)$517,564.84$517,564.84$0.00
Maximum death lump sum - 17(4)$517,564.84$517,564.84$0.00
Funeral expenses reimbursement limit - 18(2)$11,459.25$11,459.25$0.00
Maximum lump sum permanent impairment$179,975.26$179,975.26$0.00
Maximum lump sum impairment component - NEL A$33,745.38$33,745.38$0.00
Maximum lump sum non-economic loss component - NEL B$33,745.38$33,745.38$0.00
Death - dependent child - 17(5)$142.33$142.33$0.00
Incapacity - minimum earnings - 19(7)$454.44$454.44$0.00
Incapacity - prescribed person - 19(8)$112.53$112.53$0.00
Incapacity - dependent child - 19(9)$56.22$56.22$0.00
Maximum household services$449.92$449.92$0.00
Maxmium attendant care service$449.92$449.92$0.00
Redemption eligibility ceiling - 30(1)$112.53$112.53$0.00
Redemption eligibility ceiling - 137(1)$112.53$112.53$0.00
SRCA Table 2 Per kilometre 
Specified rate per kilometre$0.60$0.60$0.00
SRCA Table 3 Weekly 
150% AWOTEFA$2,226.75$2,226.75$0.00
Effective dateN/A13/08/2015N/A
SRCA Table 4   
Superannuation amount - CPI only0.40%1.10%N/A
Superannuation amount - CPI PBLCI MTAWE0.40%1.10%N/A
SRCA Table 5 Interest 
Specified weekly interest on lump sums3.26%3.26%N/A
SRCA supplement$6.20$6.20$0.00
Defence Act payments Lump Sums 
Additional death benefit lump sum limit$57,139.87$57,139.87$0.00
Addition to maximum SRCA permanent impairment payment used to calculate severe injury adjustment$76,928.09$76,928.09$0.00
Dependent child benefit lump sum limit$83,986.49$83,986.49$0.00
Financial advice lump sum limit$1,622.05$1,622.05$0.00