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8.5.3 Circumstances where information obtained from Centrelink will benefit the debt recovery process. from dealing directly with the debtor (if whereabouts are known), DVA can obtain information directly from Centrelink through the Debt Management Section in the appropriate Area Office. Cases where Centrelink information would be invaluable are:

  • if recovery of a debt was deferred because of an imminent grant of Centrelink pension, benefit or allowance, on which deductions could be implemented
  • if recovery was deferred because Centrelink was unable to implement deductions because another debt was being recovered from current payments
  • if the debt was written off because the debtor had no capacity to repay and was not expecting any future pension grant
  • if the debt was written off due to 'whereabouts unknown', Centrelink information may assist in locating and contacting the debtor to negotiate repayments.