a Centrelink client is granted a WWP Centrelink will need to cancel the social security pension. The action is retrospective to the date that the person is determined to be a war widow/widower. social security pension is cancelled completely it is important to ensure that payment of income support supplement is fast tracked if payable. Once ISS eligibility is established, as part of the clearance process Centrelink should be requested to provide an itemised income and asset statement. This information will be faxed through to nominated DVA officers. the high income and asset limits for ISS, most war widows/widowers who were in receipt of age pension from Centrelink will receive the maximum rate of ISS. If necessary, contact the war widow/widower by telephone to clarify any details about the income and asset assessment, or any other aspect of the case. Where the income and/or asset levels are close to the limits, or are sufficient to generate a reduced rate of ISS, an income and asset statement should be sent to the war widow/widower after the grant of ISS to verify the details. the existing payment from Centrelink was paid at a higher rate than WWP (e.g. maximum rate age pension and rent assistance), the case should be referred to Income Support without delay for ISS eligibility to be investigated. WWP action is taken by DVA, all social security payments that would not have been payable during the period, if the DVA payment had then been payable, are recoverable under section 205AA VEA. Centrelink should calculate the amount of social security payment paid, (the 'adjustment' amount), and advise DVA using Part B of the DVA request for Centrelink clearance form. DVA will then deduct the amount from the combined arrears of WWP and income support supplement.