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8.3.4 Centrelink Customer Granted DVA Disability Compensation Payment (DCP)

Last amended 
11 May 2022 a Centrelink customer is retrospectively granted a DCP by DVA, any amount which would not have been payable during the period, if the DVA payment had then been payable, is recoverable under section 205AA VEA. Centrelink should calculate the amount which would not have been paid, (the 'adjustment' amount), and advise DVA using Form SA131. DVA then deducts this amount from the arrears of Disability Compensation Payment payable to the pensioner. The Centrelink amount represents only the amount of Centrelink pension which would not have been paid to the person granted DVA pension. Section 27A VEA allows for adjustment of arrears to take account of an amount that would not have been paid to the person's partner if the partner was in receipt of a social security payment. The amounts should still be recovered from the Disability Compensation Payment.