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8.3.2 Centrelink customer granted DVA income support payment clearances need to be sought from Centrelink whenever:

  • service pension is granted or restored; or
  • a person transfers age pension from Centrelink to DVA; or
  • DP is granted or increased retrospectively, and arrears withheld pending notification from Centrelink; or
  • WWP only / and ISS are granted retrospectively, and arrears are withheld pending notification from Centrelink. makers should assess the need to send a clearance based on information provided by the claimant. Where the claimants have declared themselves as non-recipients of Centrelink payments, the question of means should be adequately addressed. If there is any doubt, the relevant Centrelink Centralised Processing Unit (CCPU) should be contacted to establish if a Centrelink payment record exists. grants of income support payment where the DVA rate is less than the Centrelink rate, (i.e. DVA arrears will not be sufficient to cover the Centrelink adjustment), contact the CCPU concerned to arrange 'cut-off' for the Centrelink payment to be cancelled, such that there is no overlapping entitlement period and no interruption to payment. Action should be undertaken to record the correct dates where additional treatment eligibility is gained from the grant of the income support payment. differences in pension rates could arise due to investment updates but significant differences may suggest that the previous entitlements were incorrect. The CCPU should be furnished with the relevant details so that Centrelink can determine if any further investigation is required. DVA instructions require that, if the person is not transferring from one DVA income support pension to another in every case of grant or restoration of service pension, income support supplement or age pension, a copy of the particulars of income and assets and assessment of the DVA income support pension be sent to Centrelink, together with a request for clearance. These documents should include a record print of income and asset details and indicate the reason for the preparation (i.e. pension clearance or for information only). They are produced in duplicate. Other documents may be attached to the clearance form for additional information.