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7.4.1 First debt notification notice debtor must be advised of the debt. This is referred to as the 'First Debt Notification Notice'. (If both veteran and partner have incurred an overpayment, they must be advised separately). The letter advises the debtor that the overpayment investigation has been completed and a debt has been raised. This may be in the form of a daily advice sent to the debtor following a pensioner initiated review that has resulted in an overpayment being raised. letter must include:

  • the date on which the letter was issued
  • the outstanding amount as at the date of the notice
  • the reason the overpayment was incurred by the pensioner, including a brief explanation of the circumstances which led to the overpayment being incurred
  • the period for which the overpayment was incurred
  • where to repay
  • how to repay
  • the time frame given to repay
    The time given should be 28 days from the date of the notice
  • who to contact if unable to pay within 28 days
  • taxation information
    Amended payment summary details are only included for periods greater than 4 financial years ago. Pensioners are advised to request amended details for more recent years after the overpayment is recovered.
  • review rights
  • the repayment advice form (D2719), if a cash refund has been requested
  • present obligations.

Note:First Debt Notification Notice templates may be obtained by accessing the departmental Y: Drive Income Support Review of Overpayment Letters Folder Y:\97 Templates\IS ROOLS Letter Templates (Non MetaFrame users), or Y:\Application (MetaFrame users)., it may be sufficient to provide the debtor with a brief explanation regarding the calculation of the overpayment, and a description of how the overpayment was calculated. In these circumstances it would be appropriate to advise the debtor that the full calculations are available if required. However, in complex situations it may be suitable to provide full calculations of the overpaid amount to allow the debtor to reconcile the debt with their personal records. Calculations should be expressed in fortnightly amounts, to allow the pensioner to reconcile the overpayment calculation with their financial statements. repayment advice form (D2719) records the debtor's details and is used by the Receiver of Public Moneys (RPM) office and the Overpayment Management Unit (OMU) for processing the repayment. It is completed by the debtor and returned with their payment. Additionally the debtors may use the form to request a receipt of payment. the debtor rings and requests an interview, a home visit may be appropriate. If there has been no response from the debtor after the 28 days has elapsed, a further notice may be issued. (refer to this manual's Section