This instrument, signed by the Secretary Mr Ian Campbell on 1 December 2009, authorises the disclosure of information about or relating veterans and other persons who:


  1. have applied for;
  2. are receiving; or
  3. have received;


payments or other benefits under the VEA, obtained in the performance of my duties under the VEA by an officer of the Department authorised by me for the purposes of this instrument to the Chief Executive Officer of Centrelink for the purposes of Centrelink administration of


  1. the social security law;
  2. the family assistance law;
  3. the Aboriginal study assistance scheme;
  4. the Digital Switch-over Household Assistance scheme; and
  5. any other income support payment under a Commonwealth Act, regulation, instrument or program



The instrument can be viewed via the following link:

<a href="file://Y:/applic~1/dva/clik/docs/Sec01-09.pdf">file://Y:/applic~1/dva/clik/docs/Sec01-09.pdf


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