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Provision of Medical Certificate


To continue to pay Veteran Payment a medical certificate must be provided within four weeks of making the declaration of incapacity for work, stating the current or former member of the ADF is unable to work more than eight hours per week.  The certificate may be issued by the member or former member’s GP or specialist.

If a medical certificate is not provided within the four weeks, DVA may suspend Veteran Payment.  Once a medical certificate is provided, the payments will resume, with payment provided for the time Veteran Payment was suspended.

If a medical certificate is not provided, Veteran Payment will be cancelled.  Payments made up until the date of cancellation will not be recovered unless other recovery provisions apply (Determination of a claim for a mental health condition), or unless evidence exists which indicates that the veteran has made a false statement or misrepresented their ability to work.

For further information please see: Determination of a claim for a mental health condition.