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Accessing the Veteran Payment


A member or former member can indicate their interest in receiving Veteran Payment by completing a liability claim for Rehabilitation and Compensation either online (via My Service or other online channels) or by paper. Claim forms have been updated as of 1 May 2018.

When claiming online, clients will be asked if they wish to receive the Veteran Payment and provide their and their partners’ income and asset details.

Note: Changes to the My Service and oother online claiming systems will be made in the second half of 2018.

When using a paper form, clients are asked to indicate that they wish to receive the Veteran Payment.  The paper form then directs the client to complete Form D9333 Veteran Payment Details which collects necessary information regarding income, assets, partner and tax file numbers.

Old copies of paper based forms do not contain a veteran payment section.  Liability claims for mental health conditions lodged on old versions of paper forms will need to be referred to Income Support for follow up where the claimant may be entitled to veteran payment.

Clients with an outstanding claim for liability for a mental health condition as at 1 May 2018 who may be entitled to Veteran Payment have been contacted by email to advise of the Veteran Payment and how to access it.

If a person’s circumstances change after lodging a liability claim for a mental health condition, they can advise the Department that they would like to receive a Veteran Payment.

A person may be referred to income support for assessment of eligibility for Veteran Payment at any stage during the investigation of a liability claim, this may be due to a delegate receiving further information on the client’s situation.


Determining eligibility for veteran payment

 Veterans’ Entitlements (Veteran Payment) Instrument 2018

The Commission must determine whether a person is eligible for Veteran Payment.  If that person is eligible then the Commission must calculate the rate of Veteran Payment using Schedule 6 of the VEA.  The Commission must make a written record of this determination and make a statement in writing that provides the reasons for this determination.

As soon as practical following this determination, the Commission must provide to the person that the determination relates: a copy of record of the determination; a copy of the reasons for the determination and the particulars of the right of the person to have the determination reviewed by the Commission.