Ability to backdate Veteran Payment following a suspension for non-compliance

VEA 45SB VEA, Veterans’ Entitlements (Veteran Payment) Instrument 2018 (18)

When resuming Veteran Payment, the payment is able to be backdated so the current or former member of the ADF and their partner are able to receive Veteran Payment for the time the payment was suspended.

Example: Dylan’s Veteran Payment was suspended on 27 June due to failing to provide a medical certificate.  Dylan provided a medical certificate on 5 July.  Dylan’s Veteran Payment is able to be resumed and backdated to 27 June so that Dylan will receive Veteran Payment for the time it was suspended.


Pension is cancelled or suspended – general

VEA Section 45SB VEA, Section 56 VEA, Section 56A VEA, Section 56E VEA, Section 56EA VEA, Section 56EB VEA, Section 56EC VEA, Section 56J VEA, Section 56K VEA.

Veteran Payment (including Veteran Payments made to a partner) may be cancelled or suspended where a person:

  • has a change of circumstances, which causes eligibility for the payment to cease, such as increased partner's income or return to work,

  • requests that their payment can be cancelled,

  • cannot be contacted and their whereabouts are unknown,

  • fails to comply with a section 54A or section 54AA VEA notice,

  • fails to draw their Veteran Payment for a continuous period of 6 months. This would apply if a person has closed a bank account and cannot be contacted to make new arrangements. It is not intended for a situation where a person is accumulating payment instalments in a bank account,

  • where the Commission is satisfied that the Veteran Payment is being, or has been paid to a person who is not, or was not, payable (e.g. where there is evidence the person has failed to declare significant income or assets), or

  • fails to take reasonable action to claim a foreign pension to which they may be entitled.

For further information please see: CLIK Chapter 12.1 Recipient Obligations.