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Eligibility requirements for Veteran Payment

Who is eligible for Veteran Payment?

VEA Section 45SB (1) and (2)

All current and former members of the ADF are eligible for Veteran Payment when they meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • they have lodged a liability claim under either the DRCA or MRCA for a mental health condition, and that claim is undetermined

  • they are unable to undertake remunerative work for more than eight hours per week

  • they are below the Age Pension age on the day that the liability claim is made

  • they meet residency requirements, being a resident of Australia and who was present in Australia at the time of lodging the liability claim for a mental health condition

  • they are below the income and asset test thresholds.

Example: Sam has made a liability claim for anxiety under the DRCA.  Whilst Sam is now over Age Pension age, she was under the Age Pension age when the claim was made.  She is therefore eligible for Veteran Payment.

For further information on eligibility requirements for partners please the section on Partners.  

For further information on the Age Pension age including the current Age-Pension age (for non-veterans) please see CLIK Chapter 3.4.1 Age Requirements.


What is a mental health condition?

All conditions listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) are considered a mental health condition.  A diagnosis is not required in order to determine eligibility for Veteran Payment.  All that is required is that the claimed condition is one that could be diagnosed under DSM-5.


Loss of Eligibility

If a person’s personal or financial circumstances change, they may lose their entitlement to Veteran Payment.

A person may lose eligibility for Veteran payment due to:

  • a change in their ability to work,

  • separation from their partner, or

  • determination of their liability claim.


If found to be again eligible for Veteran Payment, their payments will be resumed.

A person who is eligible for Veteran Payment may be payable at nil rate, or may be reduced to nil rate, due to the level of their income and/or assets.

For further information please see Payment.