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Circumstances Where Commission May Review Decisions

When a claimant can request a review of decisions on allowances



A claimant may seek review of a Commission decision relating to a claim for:

  • clothing allowance,
  • funeral benefits under section 99 or 100 of the VEA,     More ?
  • decoration allowance,
  • Victoria Cross allowance,
  • recreation transport allowance,
  • temporary incapacity allowance, or
  • loss of earnings allowance.     More ?
Situations where a review is not required

If a request for review contains information that would have caused the delegate to make a different decision initially, had the additional information been available, there is no need to conduct a formal review of the original decision. This can only be done where the:

  • matter in dispute is of a factual basis, and
  • new assessment with the additional information fully resolves all matters in dispute.
Decisions subject to review where appellant is not a pensioner



Persons who have not claimed or who are not in receipt of a pension, may request a review of certain decisions under the VEA. Decisions which may be reviewed are:

Funeral Benefits

Chapter 8.3

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Veterans' Compensation Allowances and Benefits

Part 6

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Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC)

Section 118ZS VEA

Attendant Allowance

Section 135(1) VEA

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Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC)

Chapter 5.7

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A Delegate of the Commission  is a decision-maker who has been delegated authority to exercise the Commission's powers for the administration of pensions under the VEA.



Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.

The purpose of attendant allowance is to assist eligible Veterans, Members of the Forces, or a Member of a Peacekeeping Force with the cost of an attendant to help with such things as feeding, bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living. The allowance is paid to the veteran and not the attendant.

To be eligible for attendant allowance the person must be in receipt of a Disability Compensation Payment for Incapacity for a war-caused or defence-caused injury or Disease that severely affects a persons' ability to care for themselves. Attendant allowance is payable at a higher or a lower rate depending on the type of Injury or disease accepted under the Veterans' Entitlements Act.

The CSHC is intended to assist those retirees and other eligible veterans, war widow(er)s and their partners of pension age who fail to qualify for an income support pension from DVA or a pension or benefit from Centrelink. The card entitles the holder to pharmaceuticals listed on the PBS at a concessional rate and seniors supplement.