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Resources Available to Delegates to Assist in Decision Making


Last amended: 15 June 2011

Use of resources to achieve consistency in decision making

The decision on a case is made based on the level of satisfaction of the delegate based on the available evidence. However this may involve some degree of subjectivity. A delegate should use available resources to achieve consistency in the decision making process.    

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Resources available to assist delegates

The following is a list of resources available to assist delegates in making decisions:

  • Online Legislation and policy:
  •  VEA
  • CLIK
  • CCPS Research Library
  • The Senior Pensions Review Officer and other delegates who may have worked on similar cases in the past.
  • Policy Advisings Income Support
  • The Business Integrity and Legal Services Group for legal opinions. (All enquires to Business Integrity and Legal Services Group must be copied to Policy Advisings Income Support).
  • Explanatory Memorandum or Second Reading Speech material relating to amendments to the VEA, may assist in understanding a particular provision's purpose or intent.
  • Precedent cases that are clearly recognised as being an authoritative and acceptable statement on the issues and principles involved. It is important to keep in mind that the specific circumstances of each case are different, and that precedent cases are only advisory in nature. A substantial body of law exists on:

Level of satisfaction required by a delegate to make a decision

Chapter 2.3 Standard and Onus of Proof

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Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.

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