Commission has responsibility for administration of the VEA

The Repatriation Commission is provided with the general responsibility for administration of the VEA, including all eligibility and payment issues.    

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Administrative Powers of the Repatriation Commission

Section 11.9.2

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Powers of Commission and Secretary may be delegated

The powers of the Commission and Secretary are delegated to officers for the administration and investigation of pension related matters. It is the responsibility of each delegated decision-maker, or delegate, to apply Legislation including recent changes, and abide by Federal Court decisions which are binding on the Commission.    

Responsibility of decision makers

A public servant has the responsibility, when making decisions, to act in accordance with:

  •       the law;
  •       the policies of the government in power;
  •       the duty to avoid wasting public money;
  •       the obligations of equity to the community; and
  •       the duty to provide the person who will be affected by the decision with an accurate summary of the relevant evidence.    
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    Rules and responsibilities relating to delegates

    Section 11.9.3

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Decisions on each case to be made on merit

Administrative decisions should be made on the merits of a particular case. This includes ensuring that the concepts of procedural fairness and natural justice are not only followed, but are also seen to be followed. A decision should also be made reasonably and in a non discriminatory manner. Reports and decisions should be open and honest.

Decision makers bound by ethics

Every public servant must abide by the guidelines set down in the Public Service Act, 1999 that govern the following:

  •       the acceptance of gifts or benefits; or
  •       the possible involvement in any conflict of interest.    
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    Ethical constraints placed on decision makers

    Section 11.9.4

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