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9.9.4 Insurance coverage during a Work Trial

Last amended 
16 October 2019

DVA clients undertaking a work trial as part of their vocational rehabilitation program are covered by two insurance policies:

  1. Group Personal Accident Insurance which provides insurance for any injury sustained by a client while undertaking a work trial; and
  2. Public & Products Liability Insurance which provides insurances for liability for any personal injury or property damage to third parties caused by the client's negligence.

These are not Workers Compensation policies.

Commencement of work trial

The Rehabilitation Delegate must ensure that all work trial participants are provided with the current Work Trials Insurance Manual prior to commencing a work trial. A case note should be added to the client's R&C ISH case noting when the manual was provided to the client. Rehabilitation Delegates can access the current manual through the Rehabilitation Services site or via TRIM container 1903532. If requested, copies of the insurance policies can also be provided.

If an injury occurs during the work trial

In the event that a client is injured while on a work trial, or causes injury or property damage to a third party, the client must be provided with copies of the relevant individual policies and claim forms as quickly as possible. The Rehabilitation Delegate can access these policies and claim forms from the Rehabilitation Services site or via TRIM container 1903532.

The Rehabilitation Delegate must ensure that the client’s best interests are a key focus, and that any liaison with the insurance company is undertaken as quickly as possible.

It is important that an insurance claim is lodged for any injury that occurred while on a work trial, which required medical attention. Claims must be lodged within 30 days of the accident or injury. 

This applies regardless of how minor the injury is. The insurance policy does not pay the first $50 of any claim for non-Medicare medical expenses, and this excess is paid by DVA. However, it is vital that the injury and any medical treatment that was provided is documented, as part of the claim process, so that this information can be accessed at a later date if any issues arise.

Rehabilitation Delegates can forward claims or ask questions of the insurance company using the contact details included in the Work Trials Insurance Manual. Any correspondence to the insurance company for a specific client should be uploaded as an attachment to the client's R&C ISH case.

Rehabilitation Delegates will need to provide specific information to the insurance company about DVA’s GST status before a claim can be settled. This information can be found in the document titled ‘Settlement of a work trial insurance claim’ on the Rehabilitation Services site or via TRIM container 1903532.

The Rehabilitation Delegate is also required to liaise with the client’s rehabilitation service provider to ensure that the client’s rehabilitation plan is amended if required, and the client has access to appropriate and timely provision of support services while they recover from their injury.

Liability for injuries

DVA is responsible for providing compensation and rehabilitation service for any ongoing effects or natural progression of conditions which have been accepted as being related to a client’s service in the ADF.

New injuries are covered by the Group Personal Accident Insurance policy.