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9.9.3 Incapacity payments while on a Work Trial

Last amended 
12 April 2023

During the period of the work trial DVA  will continue to make incapacity payments to the client in accordance with the provisions in Part II of the DRCA or Chapter 4 of the MRCA.

When a client commences a work trial during the first 45 weeks of incapacity, payments are made on the basis of 100% of normal weekly earnings (NWE) under DRCA, or normal earnings (NE) under MRCA.  If the client commences a work trial after the first 45 weeks the weekly payment is based on a percentage of their NWE according to the percentage of normal weekly hours (NWH) worked. Further information about incapacity payments can be found in chapter 6 of the MRCA Policy Manual.

R&C ISH will create a task for the incapacity team when a work trial is approved and when a work trial diary is received.