You are here Section 39 Provisions for Alterations, Modifications, Aids and Appliances

Last amended 
5 April 2023

Section 39 of DRCA provides that where a client has suffered an injury or illness resulting in an impairment, and they are undertaking a rehabilitation program or been assessed as not able to undertake a rehabilitation program; the rehabilitation authority may pay compensation for the cost of:

  • alterations to a client's place of residence or work;
  • modifications to a motor vehicle;
  • any aids or appliances including the repair and replacement of such aids and appliances;

that are reasonably required due to the nature of the client's impairment.

A written assessment by a suitably qualified person, such as an Occupational Therapist or treating medical practitioner, should be obtained prior to a delegate determining that compensation is payable under the provisions of section 39.