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2.4 The Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA)

Chapter 3 of the MRCA provides the legislative authority for the provision of rehabilitation entitlements.

Section 38 of the MRCA defines that the "aim of rehabilitation is to maximise the potential to restore a person who has an impairment, or an incapacity for service or work, as a result of a service injury or disease to at least the same physical and psychological state, and at least the same social, vocational and educational status, as he or she had before the injury or disease."

MRCA provides a holistic approach to screening, assessment, service provision and monitoring of rehabilitation activities. This approach aims to address the full range of issues that potentially impact on the client achieving successful rehabilitation outcomes and may address key areas such as:

  • psychological health;
  • family and relationship support;
  • social isolation and connectedness; and
  • level of engagement with family, community and society,

all of which may be barriers to a client's recovery following an injury or illness.

The MRCA rehabilitation provisions drive policy development for all rehabilitation clients and help address the medical, psychosocial as well as vocational needs of eligible DVA clients.