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10.3.5 'nursing care, whether in a hospital or otherwise' - paragraph (h)


A distinction should be drawn between nursing care and 'attendant care' which provided for a client under S29(3) for an extended period of time.

Note that the definition of 'attendant care' in S4(1) specifically excludes 'nursing care' and that 'nursing care' may be provided either in a hospital or in another environment such as the client's residence. For this reason, the boundary between the two forms of assistance is not necessarily easy to draw and is set by policy rather than by determination on a case by case basis.

As a matter of policy, a client requiring nursing services should be considered to be in 'nursing care' for the first three months after their injury, whether they are in a hospital, nursing home or at home. However, after that period, where a client is being cared for in their own home, consideration should be given to the approval of attendant care services rather than continuing full reimbursement of nursing care services. Each case must, however, be considered on its own facts, and particular notice must be taken of any proven medical requirements for continuing, intensive nursing care.