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10.2 Relevance of 'medical treatment' in the SRC Act


'Medical treatment' is relevant in a number of contexts within the SRC Act:

  • 'medical treatment' is defined in S4(1)
  • S4(3) provides that an injury or disease suffered as a result of medical treatment of a compensable injury is itself compensable (provided it was reasonable for the member to have obtained the treatment)
  • S6(1)(b)(vii)(b) and (viii) provide that a client is in the course of employment if he or she is injured while travelling to, or at a place, for the purpose of receiving medical treatment for a compensable injury
  • S6A extends SRC Act coverage to ADF personnel who suffer injury as an unintended consequence of medical treatment paid for by the Commonwealth (even if the original condition being treated was not compensable under the SRC Act)
  • compensation is payable under S16 for the costs of medical treatment reasonably obtained by a client in respect of a compensable injury.