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Ch 27 Payment of Medical Expenses for Full Time Serving Members of the ADF


Defence Health Services has the responsibility for the provision of medical care to all serving members of the ADF. Consequently, regardless of the status of any compensation claim, RCG delegates should not pay any medical expenses incurred whilst a member is still in full time service. Systems warnings generated through the Defcare/DOLARS system will identify those members still serving where an attempt is made to pay a medical expense against their claim.

The exception to this is where it is not policy of the Defence Health Services to pay for a particular type of service. For example Defence Health Services at present do not pay for chiropractic treatment. However if the serving member obtains support of his or her treating doctor within Defence Health Services for the treatment and meets our 'reasonableness' guidelines then the service(s) can be paid as a compensation expense.

It is appropriate to mention the level of medical services provided to Reserve members and the interaction with RCG.

Reservists will receive health care (through Defence Health Services) for injuries or illness resulting from their Defence service until such times as the transfer of the member into the RCG scheme is complete. That is until a decision is made by RCG including the reconsideration process. Details of these processes are contained in DI(G) 16–1, amendment 4 dated 8 May 2002.