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18.1.1 The ADF policy on sport


DI(G) PERS 14-2 dated 9 June 2005 “Australian Defence Force (ADF) Policy on Sport” states that:

Defence personnel who are authorised to participate in sport within the terms of this instruction are authorised as “on duty”, subject to any applicable exclusions.  It should be noted, however, that the authorisation of “on duty” status does not guarantee compensation coverage.

The DI(G) covers:

  • Programmed Sport – sport conducted during the base/unit's programmed training;
  • Local Sport – ADF sponsored sport conducted in the local region;
  • Inter Service Sport – ADF sport at any level but between two of the Services;
  • Combined Service Sport – At State, National or International level from members from at least two of the Services.

Naturally, where the ADF member has been selected to represent the ADF in a general community (civilian) sporting event or tournament etc, any injuries received by that member as a consequence, are also compensable.  Note that a nexus with employment also exists should the ADF either “sponsor” the member by providing equipment etc, or authorises the member to be identified as representing the Service in a community event.