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18.1 ADF and Civilian Sport


The ADF requires its members to meet defined physical fitness standards as part of the conditions of service.  Compulsory physical training and compulsory participation in some ADF-organised sporting events are conditions of service which apply to most members.  These are of course, on duty activities and the nexus with employment is clear.  Where an injury arises during ADF physical training or at an ADF sporting fixture, there is liability to pay compensation for that injury.  Unlike injuries sustained participating in “civilian sport”, there is no requirement on the member to prove they were approved to participate in ADF organised sporting events.

However, fitness activities are also often voluntary (in respect to each individual case) undertaken away from the place of work and while the member is off duty.  In such cases, the injury can be seen to 'arise out of' employment and liability for such injuries should be accepted where the activity was conducted in accordance with the Defence Instruction (General) in relation to the ADF Policy on Sport ((DI(G) PERS 14-2): see 18.1.1 below.