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7.7 Statement of Financial Circumstances (D2708)

7.7.1The information contained on this form is used to assess a debtor's financial circumstances, for example:

  • in negotiation of a repayment arrangement
  • where hardship is claimed by the debtor
  • where consideration is being given to issuing a payment notice against the debtor's salary or wages
  • when reviewing an existing repayment arrangement
  • where civil action is being considered.

7.7.2Details required from the debtor are:

  • income from employment or other sources
  • everyday living expenses such as food, rent, transport costs, electricity
  • assets such as invested monies, shares, real estate, motor vehicles
  • liabilities such as mortgages, personal loans, hire purchase commitments.

7.7.3A completed form should assist in determining a suitable rate of repayment. Discretion is required when deciding whether a stipulated amount for an item is reasonable. Where there is doubt about the accuracy of the information provided, verification should be sought. For example, if an excessive amount has been claimed for food expenses, it should be investigated. The debtor may have special dietary requirements because of a medical condition. If it is likely that the debtor's financial situation is substantially different from that recorded on DVA's departmental records, Form D2589 Statement of Circumstances (previously called an Income and Assets Statement) should be sent to the debtor along with the Statement of Financial Circumstances.

7.7.4In addition to the information supplied on the Form D2708, any information held on file relating to the domestic situation and number of other income earners in the household should be taken into account. The capacity for non-dependent household members to contribute towards household expenses should be considered during negotiations with the debtor.

Note:A copy of Form D2708 may be obtained from DVA's On-Line Form System on the Department's intranet site.    

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