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7.15 Alternatives to Immediate Recovery

7.15.1This section deals with the action to be taken in cases where recovery action:

  • has failed
  • should not be taken; or
  • should not be taken immediately because of the circumstances of the case.

The whole or part of a debt may be written off, deferred, or waived under section 206 VEA.

7.15.2The decision to write-off, defer or waive the whole or part of a debt is made by a delegate of the Repatriation Commission who holds the appropriate delegation.

7.15.3In order for a delegate to consider any particular debt, that person must have delegation to the full extent of the debt being considered, not just part of it. Thus a delegate considering the waiver of $4,000 of a $20,000 overpayment, must have the delegation to write-off, defer, or waive overpayments of $20,000 or more.

Note:For more information regarding the delegation levels associated with waiver, write-off and deferral refer to this manual's Section 7.20 Delegations.