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6.2.5 Variation dates may occur within the overpayment period that affect the rate of payment. These may include statutory increases in pension rate payable, changes in the income source which caused the overpayment, and/or changes in other income/assets. As a general rule, prior to 13 July 1999 the date of effect for these changes is either the date the change occurred (as in the case of a statutory increase), or the payday after the change occurred (as in the case of an increase in salary). From 13 July 1999, notifiable events such as a change in income or assets take effect from the day after the end of the notification period if notification occurs within the notification period, or from the day of the event if notification is outside the notification period. Effective dates for non-notifiable events (known as departmentally initiated actions, targeted reviews etc) will be specified by the determination, the legislation or the date of a batch run. More information is available in DI C19/99.