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6.2.2 Commencement date investigation phase of the overpayment will establish the cause of the overpayment and the date the event took place that leads to a possible overpayment being examined., the date of effect may differ depending on:

  • when the breach occurred – i.e. under what Act and if pre or post 1 November 1985, or on or after 13 July 1999
  • whether or not the overpayment was due to loss of basic eligibility, or change in rate payable (payability)
  • whether or not the overpayment was caused by a false or misleading statement
  • whether or not the person complied with notification requirements
  • whether or not the person was eligible for an earnings credit (refer to this manual's Section 6.5.7 Earnings Credit for details on the earnings credit scheme).

For further information on effective dates and the relevant legislative authority refer to this manual's Chapter 2, What is an Overpayment?