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2.9.2 Clearance procedures clearance process is used to prevent dual payments. It ensures that the losing (i.e. the first) department's payments are cancelled from the date on which the gaining (i.e. the second) department commences payment. It also ensures that when a retrospective grant or increase of DVA pension is made to a Centrelink income support recipient, the backdated amounts are adjusted to account for any overlapping payments. Procedural guidelines regarding the Centrelink/DVA clearance process may be obtained from P2/C3/S1 of the CLIK Procedure Library., adequate clearances need to be sought from Centrelink whenever:

  • service pension is granted or restored; or
  • a person transfers age pension from Centrelink to DVA; or
  • DP is granted or increased retrospectively, and arrears are withheld pending notification from Centrelink; or
  • WWP only / WWP and ISS is granted, and arrears are withheld pending notification from Centrelink.

Chapter 8 of this manual provides greater detail of the policy and procedural guidelines for the recovery of overpayments made between DVA and Centrelink.