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2.7.4 Fraud Compensation Payment may be overpaid due to fraud on the part of the pensioner – i.e. by falsely obtaining pension on the grounds of a disability that is invented or exaggerated. example, a person working full-time may be granted DCP at the special rate by falsely claiming that he/she is unable to undertake remunerative work for periods aggregating more than 8 hours per week. person could fraudulently obtain payment where they are the unintended recipient of that payment e.g. the partner of the intended recipient or a trustee/agent. For example, a pensioner dies but the Department is not informed, and another person continues to knowingly access the pension payments which should have been cancelled following the death of the pensioner. regarding recoveries of fraudulently obtained monies should be made only after consulting the Commission approved Selection Criteria for Referral of Overpayment Cases for Investigation Leading to Possible Prosecution Action.

A summary of the selection criteria titled Summary of reasons to consider when submitting a case for possible prosecution can be found in HP CM (1220624E).

Advice can be sought from the Business Compliance Section.