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2.7.1 Loss of basic eligibility of basic eligibility for Disability Compensation Payment (DCP) can occur where it becomes apparent that a veteran granted DCP in respect of a war-caused, or defence-caused injury or disease does not actually suffer from the particular disability. example, where DCP is granted at the intermediate rate (section 23 VEA) or at the special rate (T&PI) (section 24 VEA) on the basis of a false statement or misrepresentation made by the person. This may include where it is established that a special rate pensioner has been working for periods aggregating more than 8 hours per week. overpayment of DCP may also arise where a temporary payment continues to be paid beyond the appointed period - e.g. failure to reduce temporary payment at special rate to a lower percentage rate. This would normally be caused by administrative error and waiver of the overpaid amount would be considered (refer to this manual's Section 2.6.4 Administrative Overpayments).

Note: Waiver of DCP overpayments should be considered under the same conditions as those for income support overpayments. Please refer to this manual's Section 7.18 Waiver for guidelines.