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2.6.1 Omission/failure to notify omission occurs when a pensioner who is bound by the notification provisions of section 54 VEA and section 54A VEA does not notify the Department of a notifiable event or change of circumstances. Failure to notify is similar to omission but implies a degree of intent (i.e. a deliberate failure to fulfil the obligation to notify). Omission is a failure to notify for reasons that are not deliberate (i.e. the obligation to notify may not have been properly understood, it may have been an oversight etc). For full details on section 54 VEA and section 54A VEA, please refer to this manual's Chapter 4 Obligations., due to an omission or failure to notify, a higher amount of pension has been paid than would otherwise have been payable, a recoverable overpayment (section 205 VEA refers) has occurred– (i.e. a retrospective reduction in pension will be effected) (sections 56, 56A, 56B VEA refer).