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2.3.2 Effect on payability 6 VEA lists the steps involved in calculating the amount of income support payment to which a person is entitled. The pension rate may be increased by rent assistance, pharmaceutical allowance or remote area allowance. provisions which may affect a client's rate of payment include the operation of:

  • Part IIIC VEA – Compensation Recovery rules
  • Part IIIB, Subdivision D VEA – Financial Hardship rules
  • Part IIIB, Subdivision E VEA – Pension Loans Scheme
  • Part IVA VEA – Advance payments of pension and ISS

or the participation in:

  • The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS)
  • Veterans' Vocational Rehabilitation Scheme (VVRS). allowances constitute a component of the income support payment, loss or change of entitlement to these payments does not constitute loss of basic eligibility, but rather a change to payability. example, if a veteran in receipt of service pension with rent assistance ceased to pay rent, or paid rent at a lower rate than previously advised, a change to the rate of pension payable could occur and an overpayment would exist if a retrospective reduction is required.