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2.2.2 Examples of loss of basic eligibility examples of situations where there is a loss of basic eligibility for pension include:

  • a veteran paid SP on the grounds of permanent incapacity for work ceases to be permanently incapacitated for work
  • a widow/widower receiving PSP remarries a non-veteran
  • a person who is a de facto of a veteran, ceases to be a member of a couple with that veteran
  • a partner service pensioner is granted war widow's/widower's pension
  • the pensioner dies. that only a failure to meet the eligibility criteria contained in section 36 VEA, section 37 VEA, section 38 VEA, section 45A VEA, section 45SB VEA and section 45TC VEA would constitute a loss of basic eligibility for VEA income support payments. Loss of eligibility may also occur for a person receiving a Disability Compensation Payment or allowance such as section 24 VEA (Special Rate pensioner working more than 8 hours per week), or section 98 VEA (where a veteran in receipt of attendant allowance is cared for in a hospital at public expense). situations where loss of entitlement has occurred, (e.g. loss of entitlement to rent assistance) constitute a change in payability.