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1.1 What This Manual Covers

1.1.1The contents table at the front of this manual outlines the specific subjects covered by this document. In general this manual provides the reader with a structured guide on how to treat debts from the initial stage of detection through to the final stage of recovering or finalising the debt. Also included are procedures for deferral, waiver and write-off of debts due to pension overpayment, and procedures for the clearance of debts between DVA and Centrelink.

1.1.2The information contained within this manual refers to the treatment of Income Support and Disability Compensation overpayments raised under the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA). The guidelines relating to the recovery of Military Compensation and Rehabilitation Scheme (MCRS) debts raised are contained in Chapter 12 of this manual. This manual does not cover overpayments arising from administration of DVA's Health Program. For information on the treatment of debts arising from the administration of DVA's Health Program refer to the Department of Veterans' Affairs Debt Recovery Policy for Health Services. A copy of this document may be requested from the Director of Analysis and Review, Health Services Branch.