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Impact on Claim and Payment of Bonus

Extension of lodgement period for bereaved partner



Where a member of the scheme is the non-working partner of a working member who dies, the surviving partner becomes a non-accruing member for 13 weeks from the date of their partner's death. They must then lodge their claim for designated pension and pension bonus within 13 weeks of the end of this non-accruing period, unless special circumstances prevented them from doing so. The surviving partner therefore has a total of 26 weeks to lodge the claim for bonus following the death. The bereaved partner may also choose to commence working and continue as a member of the scheme.     

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Claim approved before death

If a claim for pension and bonus has been approved before death, and the person dies before the pension and bonus have been paid, then the bonus is payable to the legal personal representative of the person.    

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Death after claiming but prior to approval



If a person dies after submitting a claim for pension and bonus, their claim will be processed as follows:

  • the Commission determines the claim as if the person had not died, and
  • any bonus payable is paid to the person's legal personal representative.

Non-accruing membership status is given for a specified time when a person:

  • triggers a disposal preclusion period,
  • triggers a carer preclusion period by receiving either carer payment from Centrelink or ISS as a carer,
  • is on extended, continuous sick leave for at least 4 weeks and not more than 26 weeks,
  • is a non-working person registered for the scheme, who is waiting for their working partner to register, where the non-accruing status lasts until the partner registers,
  • is a participant in the community Development Employment Program, or
  • is in gaol.

Commission may, by Gazettal notice, declare that other kinds of members are non-accruing members.



Designated pension is defined in section 45TA VEA and relates to the pension bonus scheme. Designated pension means:

  • age service pension, or
  • partner service pension, or
  • ISS.

Designated pension under the Social Security Act 1991 means age pension



A non-accruing period is the period during which a person is a non-accruing member and not able to add to the accrual of existing bonus periods. When their non-accruing period ends, they will become an accruing member again if they continue with the pension bonus scheme and are not a post 70/75 member of the scheme. Non-accruing members can claim a pension bonus in this period.



According to Section 179 of the VEA, the Commission is a body corporate under the name of Repatriation Commission.