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Lodgement of RAFS Claim



Application for RAFS must be on approved form    VEA?

Completion of the approved application form (D2586) was a requirement of participation in the scheme. If the claimant was not already in receipt of pension, a claim for service pension or income support supplement was also required.


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Claim lodged within 3 months of date of farm transfer

If a claim for RAFS was made within three months of the farm being transferred, pension entitlement was backdated to the later of:

  • the date the transfer occurred, or
  • the date the farmer became entitled to pension, or an increased rate of pension through operation of RAFS.
Claim lodged more than 3 months after date of farm transfer

If a claim for RAFS was made more than three months after the relevant farm was transferred, it was only possible to reassess pension entitlement from the date of lodgement of the RAFS claim.

Lodging a claim for SP or ISS

Section 2.1.3

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