Eligibility for Qualifying Farmers


The criteria for transfer of a farm or farms under the scheme that allowed the farm property to be disregarded under the deprivation of assets rules were as follows:

NB If the farm transfer was after 30 June 2001 the income test years applicable were1997-1998, 1998-1999 and 1999-2000. Those given additional time to finalise the transfer after 30 June 2001, had to satisfy this pre-1 July 2001 criterion. The maximum rate of pension as at 30 June 2001 was also applicable to this group for the purposes of the farmers' income test.    

Eligibility for Former Partner of a Qualifying Farmer


Where an [glossary:eligible:] [glossary:widow or:] [glossary:former partner of a qualifying farmer:] had an interest in the farm, that person may have also benefited from RAFS, even though they themselves may not have met the definition of a qualifying farmer. Such a person was still required to meet further eligibility requirements for RAFS.    

Eligibility of Widow/Widower


In most cases, a widow or widower would have met the definition of a qualifying farmer because ownership of the farm was transferred to that person upon the death of his or her partner.