Additional time for specific situations

In specific situations where the transfer of the farm was not completed on or before 30 June 2001, additional time was provided to allow certain qualified farmers to participate in the scheme.

The additional time was available to a person who lodged a RAFS pre-assessment before 31 July 2001.

Pre-assessment request

A pre-assessment was a written request by a person, for advice about whether RAFS would apply to the person, or to the person's partner, in the event that they transferred the farm. The request was required to set out sufficient information to enable advice to be given in relation to whether RAFS would apply to the person in the event that the proposed transfer took place.

The date of lodgement of pre-assessment request

The day of lodgement of the pre-assessment request was taken to be the day of the person's initial contact with the Department if:

  • a person contacted the Department by telephone, fax, e-mail or in person, and
  • the person followed up that initial contact by lodging a pre-assessment request within 21 days after the day of the initial contact and prior to 1 August 2001. 

It should be noted that time limits applied to both the lodgement of the claim and the finalisation of the property transfer.