Who can be appointed as an agent?



Agents – request in writing

Section 58D(1) VEA

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Any person may be appointed as an agent provided the Commission receives an appropriate written application as set out below.

How to apply

A written request must be received by the Commission specifying the following terms of agreement:

  • agreement and full understanding of the arrangements by both the pensioner and proposed agent, and
  • the period for which the pension will be paid to the agent.

Commission may then approve the appointment of the agent by instrument in writing.

Proof of identity

In order to identify the proposed agent, a proof of identity check must be made on all applications.    

Notification of appointment



Agents – approval in writing etc

Section 58D(2) VEA

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Once an agent has been appointed, the Commission's written approval should be forwarded to the pensioner, specifying the terms of the agreement.