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9.12.5 Gymnasium-Pool Membership as a vocational rehabilitation activity


For a Gym/Pool membership to be considered for approval to support a vocational goal in a rehabilitation plan, a veteran needs to be actively working towards a goal of returning to employment. A gym membership can be considered as one component of assisting a veteran to develop "work readiness". Ideally, the veteran will be motivated and engaging with job preparation activities such as resume preparation, job search skills etc., and will have the medical capacity to work. In this specific circumstance, a gym program may be an approved vocational rehabilitation activity to assist the veteran to develop their physical and mental resilience, which will assist them to more successfully manage their return to work.

Otherwise, if return to work is considered to be a longer term rehabilitation goal of the veteran, any requests for gym membership should be considered under the psychosocial rehabilitation activity arrangements.

Further policy details about the circumstances where a gym/pool membership might be considered for a veteran under their rehabilitation plan (whether as a vocational activity or a psychosocial activity), can be found in 6.7.1 Short-term Gym-Pool Membership.