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15.3.5 Progress Reports

Last amended 
30 June 2023

Goals vs Activities

Goals are what the client wants to achieve, or the desired outcome that they are working towards.

The rehabilitation activities are the things that the client will do to reach that outcome.

Goals should be specific, and as a general rule, multiple activities will be included to help the person to reach their goal. For example, the goal of ‘improvement to physical functioning’ could have the activities of ‘attend physiotherapy appointment 1 time per week and complete all exercises recommended by the therapist’, ‘walk around the block 4 times per week’ and ‘support from XX (eg. family member) to assist with developing a weekly routine’.

Progress Report

For the DVA Form D1330 Rehabilitation Progress Report, the provider will:

Step 1. Enter the client’s name and DVA file number (not Defcare Case ID) in the footer of the document.

Step 2. Complete the client details section

Step 3. Document the identified activities for each goal.

Step 4. Provide a summary of the Progress Report.

Step 5. Sign the Progress Report. Upload the Progress Report and any other relevant documentation to R&C ISH using the client's unique Transaction Reference Number (TRN). Rehabilitation Coordinators are not required to sign the Progress Report.

Step 6. Rehabilitation Coordinators are responsible for transposing information from the documentation submitted by the rehabilitation providers, into R&C ISH. This information includes goals and activities for each goal.