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15.3.2 Rehabilitation Assessment Report

Last amended 
31 May 2017

Step 1. Enter client's name and DVA file number (not Defcare case ID) in the footer of the DVA Form D1334 Rehabilitation Assessment Report.

Step 2. Complete client and assessment details sections.

Step 3. Once the client has completed the DVA Form D9230 LSI, the Life Satisfaction Indicators (LSI) scores can be transferred into the Report. The provider notates when the client completed the LSI.

  • 3.1 Average the scores for “satisfaction with life” indicators (0 to 10) and “satisfaction with job” indicators (A to F).
  • 3.2 Transfer the averaged scores to the assessment report.

Note: If the client scores an indicator less than 6 then this specific domain should be considered an area for further discussion with the client in goal setting.

Step 4. Complete remainder of the Report.

Step 5. For all new rehabilitation referrals from 29 May 2017, upload the assessment report together with the rehabilitation plan and other relevant documentation to R&C ISH using the client's unique Transaction Reference Number. All existing rehabilitation cases that commenced prior to 29 May 2017 will require you to follow the current process of emailing rehabilitation related documentation to the client's Rehabilitation Coordinator.