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9.7.1 Workplace modifications and job redesign

The workplace assessment may also include advice regarding modification of either the work station or equipment to be used by the client, or the provision of aids, appliances or other materials. This help for the client should be arranged as soon as possible after the injury or in readiness for their return to work.

Assessed workplace modifications refer to any adjustments made in the workplace to enable an injured employee to return to work effectively and perform the duties in a safe manner. These may be administrative, environmental or procedural changes, and they may be temporary or long-term.

Job redesign is about modifying the way the work is done, as distinct from providing physical modifications to the workplace. It involves assessing the skill set of the client and the tasks required to safely undertake a job and adjusting how these tasks are performed by either modifying the way they are done or eliminating them where possible and providing training on the modified practices. Assessing the client's skill set against the job requirements can identify areas where a client may need some reskilling to perform their job safely and effectively.