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25.1 Reasons for a Referral to Rehabilitation


During your day to day work you may come across a client that you feel requires or would benefit from rehabilitation intervention. Some of the reasons you may refer a client to rehabilitation could be:

  • client is being medically discharged from the Defence Forces
  • client is requesting incapacity payments
  • client has been on incapacity payments for an extended period of time
  • client has requested assistance to return to work
  • client has submitted a medical certificate stating they are able to return to work on suitable duties
  • client has stated they are unable to continue in their current employment due to their compensable injury
  • client has requested household services/attendant care
  • client or their service provider has requested aids and/or appliances
  • client has requested gym program.

Should delegates receive a request from clients for Household Services and or Attendant Care and Aids and Appliances referral to the RCG Rehabilitation team should be made. Decisions on these requests are made based on an assessed need usually from an occupational therapist. More detailed instructions on claims for these specific benefits are included in the Rehabilitation Handbook.