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24.4.2 Extending a long term massage treatment program


For existing SRCA clients seeking to extend a long term massage treatment program with non-allied health professionals, delegates are required to:

  • review the case with a DVA Injury Management Adviser (IMA) prior to any discussion with the client, to seek the IMA's advice on alternative treatment options and transition options to a new treatment plan for the client;
  • brief the client to ensure they are made aware that DVA:
  • has changed its policy position regarding the provision of massage therapy for SRCA clients;
  • is not intending to withdraw massage therapy services;
  • is seeking replacement therapy or combinations of services to provide more sustainable improvements to their long-term wellbeing.
  • obtain evidence from the client's GP or treating specialist regarding the continuing need for massage therapy including the specific objective outcomes of the current treatment being offered and inform the GP or treating specialist of DVA's policy position to offer alternative assistance which aims to give sustainable functional improvements, and
  • where appropriate, utilise the services of an IMA to:
  • discuss DVA's policy and help identify suitable alternative treatment options with the client, the client's treating GP/specialist and with providers of therapy services;
  • provide recommendations regarding plans to transition the client to an alternate therapy management plan, or referrals for an independent specialist examination.