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24.3.2 Checklist for Footwear Supply

  • Is there a current doctor's referral and a prescription/recommendation from a podiatrist registered to prescribe footwear?
  • Check conditions being treated. Has liability been accepted for the conditions identified requiring footwear?
  • Has the need for the supply for footwear been established by a podiatrist experienced in assessing patients for medical grade footwear?
  • Has the client recently been supplied with the recommended type of footwear i.e. within the last year?
  • Do NOT approve any requests for good quality walking or running shoes unless the requirements of Chapter 24.3.1 have been met. Protective footwear for employment purposes is generally the responsibility of the employer.

Many footwear problems can be addressed by the provision of orthotics or corrective insoles. Footwear will only be considered when other podiatry interventions are not sufficient to address a client's clinical need.

RCG Medical Treatment Update 02/06/06 23