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24.2.2 Checklist for Chiropractic/Osteopathic/Naturopathic Treatment

  • Is there a current doctor's referral?
  • Check conditions being treated. Has liability been accepted for ALL conditions identified on the notification of commencement of treatment advice? Do not pay accounts for the spine where liability only exists for a limb or medical condition e.g. cardiac problems. Chiropractors and osteopaths may argue that all conditions can be managed with manipulation of the spine, but there is no published clinical evidence to support this to date.
  • There are few published clinical trials to support naturopathic treatment to date. These treatments will only be recommended where it is apparent that the client's condition cannot be managed by other allied health practitioners, or where clinical evidence exists to support the provision of these services in addition to existing treatment regimes. All requests should be investigated as to the extent of benefits, anticipated outcomes for the client by the Delegate.
  • Any queries or requests regarding ongoing treatment should be referred to claimants treating doctor or Departmental medical advisor.
  • Any requests for herbal medicine prescribed in addition to naturopathic treatment should be referred to VAPAC There are very few published clinical trials to support the prescription of this medication. Harm may be caused with adverse drug reactions if the client is also taking other pharmaceutical medication. Please note that the concentrations in herbal medicine may vary greatly and there is no guarantee of the quality of the ingredients used.
  • Any requests for gym or hydrotherapy programs need to be referred as detailed in Section 24.5.1. Chiropractors and osteopaths are NOT, as a general rule qualified to devise or supervise programs of this type.
  • Any requests for treatment aids should be referred to the appropriate professional. Chiropractors and osteopaths do not always have the appropriate clinical training or experience to safely prescribe all necessary treatment aids for DVAclients.
  • Naturopaths are not qualified to prescribe gym programs, hydrotherapy or treatment aids.

Chiropractic, osteopathic or naturopathic treatment should aim at providing functional outcomes for the client. These outcomes should be identifiable and form part of the practitioner's treatment plan.

When requests for treatment are denied this is a reviewable decision under S62 of the SRCA. This must be in writing to the claimant and must include reasons for the decision. The medical provider supplying the treatment that we are not paying for also needs to be advised. If a Departmental medical advisor has been asked to comment on the case and recommends that treatment be declined, their written comments are to be placed on the client's E-file, and paper file, reflecting that recommendation. A note in Defcare should also be made.

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