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23.1 Basic principles


The underlying principles for the approval of pharmaceutical treatment for SRCA clients are that the medications:

  • be necessary to improve any conditions for which the client has accepted liability.
  • do no harm.
  • be of a reasonable cost (considering the cost of treatment against the expected gains).
  • be clinically effective (considering the available evidence).
  • be accepted clinical practice (considering the current professional opinion).

Checklist of basic principles

  • The treating doctor or specialist should initiate requests for all medication and prescribe or ourlint medications in a treatment plan.
  • Clients seeking pharmaceutical approval should be directed to ask their treating practitioner to contact DVA or VAPAC.
  • The medications prescribed should be directly related to the client's existing liabilities.
  • Is it apparent how the medication will benefit the client? What are the expected outcomes of treatment?
  • VAPAC should be contacted to advise when considering requests for non PBS items?
  • Are the cost, quantity and dose reasonable? VAPAC can advise on this.
  • Has the client received similar medications recently and if so, do the current requests reflect safe dispensing practices, and is it apparent why repeat medications are necessary?
  • Has a similar request for medication been declined in the past? If so, why does it need to be prescribed again? VAPAC can advise on this.
  • Do delegates have enough information from all relevant parties to make an informed decision?