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9.2.9 Advice to be given to Reserves members re medical evidence


Reserves claimants should instead be briefed on their responsibilities, and the need for them to provide medical evidence from a doctor – preferably the treating specialist rather than a GP – with a clear diagnosis of the injury, and any other medical information relevant to the claim. They should be told verbally and in writing that while RCG may receive and acknowledge the claim we are unable to start processing or to finalise that claim until we have a diagnosis from a treating doctor.

Delegates may make the reserves claimant aware that S58 of the SRCA gives the Delegate power to demand documents which the claimant can 'obtain...without unreasonable expense or inconvenience' or, after 28 days, decline to deal with the claim. However, Delegates should also hesitate to formally invoke S58 while there are still other, more consensual methods of obtaining the required information.